Loading the Big Green Bowl by Gyro Gold

Big Green Bowl

Finally, a machine that works as hard to capture the gold as you do!

Gyro Gold Corbus 7000 Separator

The Corbus 7000 is the largest Centrifugal Placer Gold Recovery System capable of recovering nuggets as well as flour gold.

With our marine grade motors and gear boxes you will be able to avoid operational shutdown that costs time and money.

Clean-ups will take less than 30 minutes instead of hours. You will be back on-line in no time and ready for the next shift.

With the Corbus 7000 you will be able to feed over 100 yards per hour into the washplant and recover more gold than you ever thought possible.

Maintenance is virtually nonexistent. There are wear bars in the bowl that may need to be changed out after about 60 days. Time required for this is 30 minutes.

The Big Green Bowl Can Be Used In Place Of Or At The End Of The Sluice Box

Why the "Big Green Bowl"?

The advantages of a centrifugal system over a conventional sluice is weight. Small flat gold will be able to “kite” or dislodge in typical sluice turbidity. At 50 RPM the 7000 will create 6 G’s at the outer edge. A one gram flake of gold would now weigh as much as a 1/4 ounce nugget! A 200 mesh piece would weigh as much as a 30 mesh piece of gold and would be well within range of a high percentage capture.

So you can see, by making the gold heavier and pulling it out of the main water flow, gold loss is reduced to almost immeasurable amounts. Less loss means more gold at the end of a run.

Enjoy higher profits and a happier mine boss and crew.