• The SEVEN FOOT BOWL on the Corbus 7000 is the largest available!
  • Corbus Gyro Placer Gold Recovery System
  • Recovers nuggets, black sand, and fine gold to 200 mesh
  • Avoid operational shutdown that costs time and money
  • Gather panables and be back online in only 15-30 minutes
  • Catch 96-98% of gold according to field trials
  • Powerful, quiet, and low maintenance
  • Reduces objectionable discharge by recycling your work water

Our Mission

Gyro Gold produces a highly efficient, low maintenance gold separating solution. We maximize gold ore processing by shortening the gap between expected yield and marketable gold, thus achieving profitability earlier in the season. Gyro Gold provides operational analysis and customer service that is second to none.

"Big Green Bowl"

Recover More of Your Gold!

Finally a machine that works as hard as you do to capture all the gold. The Corbus Gyro Separator is the smartest way to recover your gold!

Stop Losing Gold!

Stop using old technology to collect your gold. The Gyro Gold Corbus line of Centrifugal Gold Separators will put you ahead of projections in the gold room.

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